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The Fall Fifteen 19.2oz Variety Pack - 15pk

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The perfect blend of malty seasonals and tried and true favorites. This pack includes both of our current fall seasonals as well as Uncle Dave's IPA and Shimmer Pils. 


Must be 21 years or older to order. Valid ID required at time of delivery.

This is a case of FIFTEEN 19.2oz cans featuring 5 each of Trip Trap Doppelbock and Scenic Stout, 3 Uncle Dave's IPA and 2 Shimmer Pils. 


Trip Trap Doppelbock

"Bock" means "billy goat," and the name of our doppelbock is the sound of the hooves of the 3 billy goats Gruff on the bridge that brings them to the sweet green meadow. Trip Trap Trip Trap is a dark, strong, Munich-style lager with complex maltiness.

7.2% ABV  25 IBU

-2019 Gold Medal in the Best of Craft Beer Awards (in the category German Bock Beer)


Scenic Stout

Strong Oatmeal Stout

Get off the boring route. Amazing panoramas await. Our export stout’s roasty, chocolatey flavors are rounded out by the addition of flaked oats.

-2020 Gold Medal in the Best of Craft Beer Awards (category Export-style Stout)
-2019 Bronze Medal in the Best of Craft Beer Awards (category Export-style Stout)

7.0% ABV  50 IBU


Uncle Dave's IPA 

West Coast IPA

Is there anyone better to sit around a campfire with, telling stories, IPAs in hand? We think not. Cheers, Uncle Dave! Our flagship IPA has fruity/herbal hop aromas with a substantial supporting maltiness. Rye contributes a hint of peppery spice to this full bodied, complex IPA.

6.5% ABV  68 IBU


Shimmer Pils 


She has a shimmery depth, like light on the fathomless sea. Our brewer’s wife, Eileen, inspired the name of this beer. Shimmer Pils is a crisp and refreshing German-style Pilsner, a true lager with a balanced hoppiness.

5.3% ABV • 31 IBU