Single Hop Mix Pack 16oz (12 or 24 packs)
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Single Hop Mix Pack 16oz (12 or 24 packs)

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Want to know what individual hops bring to the table? What better way than to drink two IPAs, side by side, that focus solely on a single hop variety! With this pack learn what Azacca brings in Hi Azacca and what El Dorado bring in Hi El Dorado.


Must be 21 years or older to order. Valid ID required at time of delivery.

This pack includes 6 each of the following (12 each for 24pk):


Hi Azacca

Single Hop Hazy IPA

Azacca hops, named after the Haitian spirit of agriculture, are exciting because of their intense fruity aromas. In this refreshing single-hop IPA, meet ripe mango, pineapple, papaya, pear, and citrus, along with a touch of spicy pine. Hi Azacca! 

7.2% ABV · 30 IBU


Hi El Dorado

Single Hop Hazy IPA

Your splendid tropical fruit and floral aromas lead us eagerly into the opulence of you. Your golden hue promises a wealth of treasures, and you deliver such an abundance of bright and candy-like fruitiness. You whisper of green and resinous secrets, keeping us enthralled.

6.6% ABV • 35 IBU