Mix, Mix, Mix It Up! 16oz (12 or 24 packs)
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Mix, Mix, Mix It Up! 16oz (12 or 24 packs)

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A true mix pack with a little bit of everything. Something tart. Something light. And of course, a few things hoppy...because, clearly, hops! This mix pack highlights a bit of everything we have in 16oz cans. If you're looking for that spice of life, look no further. 


Must be 21 years or older to order. Valid ID required at time of delivery.

12 pack includes 3 each of Jugo Nuevo, Raspberry Smile, Ten million Flowers and Let Me Be Clear. 24 pack includes 6 each of the same. 


Jugo Nuevo

Hazy IPA

Raspberry Smile

Tart Ale w/ Raspberries

Raspberries and hibiscus bring happy pink flavors and fruity aromas to this tart and refreshing beer. It tastes like a smile.

4.7% ABV • 9 IBU


Ten Million Flowers

Honey-Orange Kolsch

Tens of millions of flowers were visited by local bees to make the honey that gives a taste of place and a dry finish to our Kolsch-style ale. Vinous esters mingle with a wisp of honey in the nose. The delicate malt flavor is gently accented with a touch of orange zest in this refreshing, food friendly beer.

5.9% ABV  23 IBU

Let Me Be Clear

West Coast IPA

Let me be clear. I’m a West Coast IPA emphasizing hop character over bitterness. With classic Cascade hops contributing their unique citrus and floral notes, and Azacca and El Dorado offering tropical and stone fruits, bright aromas and flavors come shining through.

6.8% ABV · 33 IBU