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Mix, Mix, Mix It Up! 16oz (12 or 24 packs)

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A true mix pack with a little bit of everything. Something tart. Something light. And of course, a few things hoppy...because, clearly, hops! This mix pack highlights a bit of everything we have in 16oz cans. If you're looking for that spice of life, look no further. 


Must be 21 years or older to order. Valid ID required at time of delivery.

12 pack includes 4 each of Favorite Mug, Hop Bebop, and Hi Azacca. 24 pack includes 8 each of the same. 


Favorite Mug (included in 12 and 24pk)

Coffee and Vanilla Porter

Hop Bebop  (included in 12 and 24pk)

West Coast IPA

Complex hop chords improvise some jazzy joy. Notes of tropical and citrus fruits, flowers, and pine play well together in this easy drinking, highly aromatic IPA. 

6.0% ABV • 30 IBU


Hi Azacca! (included in 12 and 24pk)

Hazy Single Hop IPA

Azacca hops, named after the Haitian spirit of agriculture, are exciting because of their intense fruity aromas. In this refreshing single-hop IPA, meet ripe mango, pineapple, papaya, pear, and citrus, along with a touch of spicy pine. Hi Azacca! 

7.2% ABV · 30 IBU