Hazy & Bright IPA Lovers Mix Pack 16oz (12 or 24 packs)
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Hazy & Bright IPA Lovers Mix Pack 16oz (12 or 24 packs)

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For the hop enthusiast who can't choose between a Hazy, New England-style and a Bright, West Coast-style IPA, this mix pack gives you a taste of both! Packed with two of our most popular IPA's, this mixed set will show how wonderful BOTH styles are. Why not have it all?


Must be 21 years or older to order. Valid ID required at time of delivery.

This pack includes 6 each of the following (12 each for 24pk):


Follow the Creek

West Coast IPA

"Follow the Creek" is always good advice, whether you're seeking adventure upstream or finding your way home. This IPA will refresh you wherever you end up. Aromas of pine and citrus lead to lemon drops on the palate, enhanced by the sweet, grassy character of pilsner malt.

6.1% ABV • 39 IBU


Jugo Nuevo

Hazy IPA

This new-school hazy IPA is brimming with aromas of tropical fruits. Hops, hops, and more hops were added to this beer throughout the production process to create a distinctively succulent IPA with notes of pineapple and guava. You wouldn’t be blamed if you thought this was some sort of “new juice” rather than our latest IPA.

5.6% ABV • 46 IBU